These are the books that have come across my path so far are. Some have been for pure relaxation and some have been heart, mind and soul altering.

(The majority have been borrowed from my local library).*


A Scanner Darkly – Philip K Dick
I wanted fiction and picked it up as I am fascinated by his stories that have been translated into interesting movies (Bladerunner, Minority Report, Paycheck, Scanners, etc). While the book has dark themes it’s absolutely riveting storytelling. Don’t be put off reading this if you didn’t like the movies.

The Good Luck Girl (Aus/UK) or Leaving Unknown (US) – Kerry Reichs
Another chick lit read that I thoroughly enjoyed. I particularly found the idea of the character travelling through crazy-named towns an original approach (eg. Toad Suck, Arkansas). I felt sad to say goodbye to these characters when the book ended.

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
Wow! Talk about powerful writing. This book does live up to the hype. While the story itself may not be your bag, you can’t help but be enthralled by the author’s ability to tell a story and whisk you away. It will make you breathless. (You certainly don’t need to be a part of the target market, the ‘young adult’, to read this).


Worse things happen at Sea – William McInnes and Sarah Watt
Highly highly recommended. Worth your time reading this. Husband and wife share their personal, happy and heart-wrenching stories. Fabulous pictures by artist Sarah. Book made all the more poignant as Sarah lost her battle with cancer soon after the publishing of this book. I cried tears of happiness and sadness all throughout this read.

Steve Jobs Biography – Walter Isaacson
I wasn’t a fan of Steve Jobs and don’t know anything about computers really. But I was really into reading this door-stopper size of a book. (It’s massive!) I love a good biography and the author doesn’t hold back on Steve. I came away respecting his visionary approach and admiring the beauty of Apple products. I learnt a lot about leadership, passion and creativity.

Let Your Life Speak (Listening for the Voice of Vocation) – Parker J. Palmer
OH.MY.GOODNESS. I was so blown away by this book that I’m dedicating a separate post to it. Talk about a book finding you when you need it the most. This book is the reason I’m doing this blog. It’s all about listening to your inner self and following it to discover your path in life. Highly highly recommended.

* You can also purchase these books on one of many websites. I highly recommend buying locally where possible.

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